Pretium offers the widest range of straight sided PET wide mouth packers in the industry. These versatile bottles are typically used for pharmaceuticals, vitamins and nutritional supplements in pill, tablet or gummy form – but can also be used in personal care, food and consumer chemical applications.

More than a dozen of our PET packers are now available at lower gram weights for substantial resin savings. Using less plastic helps you meet sustainability goals, and makes a positive impact on the environment. These lighter-weight options perform just as well as their traditional counterparts, and can reduce the weight of the package from 12% to 42% depending on the bottle size and neck finish. Download the product sizes and specifications here!

The clear, shatterproof and recyclable resin accepts colourants well, and custom colours are available with reasonable MOQs. Bottles are available in both virgin resin and rPET (up to 100%). Both continuous-thread and J-Cap (Hinge-Guard) tamper-evident neck finishes are available for most sizes in this range.

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