What are you trying to achieve?

Use less energy to manufacture/ship?

Use 100% recycled content?

Reduce raw materials?

Where do you sell/ship the product?

Certain materials withstand shipping conditions better.

Can meet specific environmental guidelines.

Will your product be sold via e-commerce?

Want to use recycled material?

One of the only packaging suppliers that will make bottles and jars from 100% recycled (post-consumer) content.

Want recyclable packaging?

Our PET and HDPE containers are fully recyclable.

We can help you craft the right message to explain this to your customers.

Want plastic that's plant-based?

Use plant-based PET and HDPE that performs like conventional resins.

Want to use less plastic?

Light-weighted containers use less plastic without sacrificing quality.

Sustainability is in the DNA of Pretium's Proud Brands

All the packaging we make has three primary goals, and the goals are no different for the sustainable solutions we offer:

Give consumers a convenient way to purchase,
transport and store the product

Maintain the safety of your products and
health of your customers

Appeal to consumers through functional or
aesthetic advantages over competing brands

There are four primary types of sustainable packaging that
Pretium is known for that perform in these three areas:

100% Recycled Content

Pretium is one of the only companies that makes bottles and jars with up to 100% post-consumer resin (PCR) in clear and colors, and we’ve been doing it the longest. We use recycled HDPE and PET resins that come with an FDA Letter of Non-Objection that allows the post-consumer resins to be used for food and pharmaceutical packaging, and which provides the brand owner with a sustainable packaging solution that performs just like the plastics they are using now. While most PCR bottles require a 50,000-piece MOQ, we do carry inventory of 100% PCR bottles in some of our most popular styles which can be purchased by the pallet.

Photo of man looking at product

Recyclable Resins

You may have noticed a lot of brands are using the phrase “recycle-ready” when they talk about their packaging. This means the packaging they have selected is accepted by most community recycling programs and has a viable recycling stream that can capture the resin and give it a useful second life. Ninety-eight per cent of the plastic bottles Pretium makes are mono-layer PET or HDPE plastic, which are SPI codes 1 and 2 respectively, and are the most widely recycled plastics in the world. (And, beyond just your bottle choice, we can also recommend decorating processes such as direct screen printing with UV inks that maintain the highest degree of recyclability for your finished package.)

Photo of Sugarcane Plants

Plant-Based Resins

Plastics made from plants – also referred to as ‘bioresins’ – reduce or eliminate the amount of petrochemicals required to make the resin. In the case of plant-based HDPE, Pretium has a source for an HDPE bioresin made entirely of sugar cane byproducts. The bio-HDPE is chemically identical to traditional HDPE, but the feedstock is sugar cane instead of petroleum – creating a 100% plant-based resin. For PET, the most common plant-based formulations use renewable plant resources to replace the monoethylene glycol (MEG) component of polyethylene terephthalate, which represents 30% of the weight of the resin. The bio-based HDPE and PET that Pretium uses – like all resins that we run at any of our plants – is FDA approved for food contact.

PET Small Jar Sample Pack Jars


Ultimately, the goal of every brand owner should be to minimize packaging as much as possible while making sure their products are protected. Light-weighting the primary package – in our case, a plastic bottle or jar – is one very good way to reduce the amount of raw materials being consumed for each package while still delivering a safe product to the consumer. Pretium’s Design & Engineering teams work with customers to find the optimal gram weight that balances performance and the environment. We’re also using the resources in our Design Center and Innovation Lab to execute internal projects to evaluate the gram weights of our stock product lines and make them lighter-weight. Some projects we’ve done have taken up to 21% of the total gram weight of the bottle with no negative effect on its performance.

Order Samples

Pretium has a limited number of sample bottles made from post-consumer (recycled) resins and plant-based resins. You may order one sample of the options we have in our sample room.

Illustration of plastic bottles and recycle bin

The options for sustainable packaging and manufacturing are constantly evolving, and Pretium Packaging is committed to staying on top of the solutions that make the most sense for our customers. To learn more about which different sustainable materials might be right for your business, reference our Plastics Comparison Chart.

To sample our line of sustainable bottles and jars, browse our online catalog or connect with your Pretium Key Account Manager today.