Pretium is able to think outside the box and push the envelope on the design side. We are ... See More always looking for unique and different takes on the bottles out there and Pretium's design team is receptive to these requests. And the technical team is quick to reach out with any potential issues they see with initial custom bottle concepts.
My Customer Service Representative always tries to answer the phone when we call and responds quickly to email, ... See More under 30 minutes and usually much faster. This often makes the difference on getting new business with her checking on available stock and getting orders processed for shipping.
Because of the speed at which I can get samples, I generally just 'go to' Pretium and never ... See More the 'other guys.'
Our customer needed information on a colorant for an FDA application, and you helped us get the documentation ... See More quickly. It’s no exaggeration when I say no other supplier can match your level of service.
My customer needed samples quickly. I requested samples from Pretium and another manufacturer as the items were similar ... See More in style. My customer decided to go with the Pretium bottle as it was the first bottle they received and needed to move quickly. Pretium also had these in stock which helped make it an easy decision.
Thank you so much for always getting back to me so quickly. It is refreshing to see that ... See More we still have some supply partners that do that. Trust me, there are only a few and you are one of them.
I have been in the vitamin business for close to 40 years and I have never had a ... See More sales executive as responsive and thorough as you are.