Nutritional supplement packaging has undergone important and substantial changes to better meet the needs of brand owners, contract manufacturers and fillers of larger-format supplements like gummies, chewables and even jelly bean vitamins. One important change is a widening of neck openings — from 38mm to 45mm, or from 45mm to 53mm or 63mm — to facilitate higher filling speeds of these large and sometimes sticky vitamin formats. According to studies on our customers’ filling lines, wider neck openings can increase filling line speeds up to 50%.

Another notable development is the lightweighting of vitamin packers to reduce the amount of plastic used for each bottle. Eco-Line PET Packers use as much as 30% less plastic than the conventional bottles they replace, and can be made with up to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for an optimal sustainability story.

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Size and Weight Options

Our family of Eco-Line PET Packers is currently available in sizes from 250cc to 625cc, and many sizes are available in multiple gram weights. You can order samples in clear of the following sizes:

225cc 45-400 Round
250cc 45-400 Round
300cc 45-400 Round
300cc 53-400 Round
400cc 53-400 Round
500cc 53-400 Round
625cc 53-400 Round
750cc 53-400 Round

For samples, click on the button below and make sure to select the size, gram weight and neck finish of the items you need so you can put them in your cart.

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Future Developments

Preium’s new product development team is balancing our customers’ need for performance on filling lines, during shipping and e-commerce fulfillment, and on retail shelves with source reduction goals to launch products that are truly designed for sustainability.

In addition to the sizes available now, more sizes of round Eco-Line Packers will be added in the near future. Look for 950cc round bottles in late 2022. Select sizes of square PET packers are also under development.

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Committed to Sustainability

PET Eco-Line Packers are just one of the sustainable solutions Pretium is proud to offer our customers. For samples of bottles made from post-consumer resins and bioresins, please see our online sample catalog. PCR samples are limited to three per address.

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