Pretium Packaging strives toward continuous innovation and improvement in plastic packaging, while applying sustainability principles in our manufacturing, distribution and use of raw materials.

For such a complex subject, we think sustainability is rather simple.

It’s about being responsible and protecting our environment for future generations.

Sustainability is a topic we apply to all facets of our business.

  • Light-weighting containers
  • Converting resins = resin savings
  • Resigning packaging to reduce weight (i.e. corrugate savings)
  • Investigating recycled resins for use
  • Increasing the use of PCR (Post Consumer Resin)
  • Maximizing resin regrind usage
  • Managing returnable pallet and gaylord programs
  • Increasing pallet counts
  • Eliminating corrugate layers
  • Optimizing truckload space
  • Redesigning pallet patterns to optimize truckload space
  • Leverage backhaul for fuel efficiency
  • Utilizing hot air from blow molding areas to heat docks.
  • Employing air compressor exhaust to heat buildings
  • Implementing high efficiency lighting in plants
  • Conducting company-wide energy audits
  • Operating conservations programs in all manufacturing facilities

Case Histories

Resin Conversion

Shattering the Myth: Plastic Vs. Glass

  • Transportation Benefits
    • Fewer Trucks On The Road
    • Reduced Emissions
    • Better Gas Mileage
  • Safety Benefits
    • Less breakage
    • Reduced Liability
    • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Environmental Benefits
    • 23% Less Air Pollutants Than Glass
    • 42% Less Energy Than Glass
    • 32% Less GHG Emissions Than Glass
    • Less Material Usage For Bottles/Corrugate
  • Shelf Space Benefits
    • More Product Will Fit In The Same Shelf Space
    • Reduced Out-Of-Stock Increases In Sales
    • Less Frequent Replenishment
    • Increased use of PCR

Creative Design

Stackable/Nesting Containers

  • Redesign Round WM Barrel Line To Stackable /Nestable Design
  • Patented Stackability Feature
  • 75% reduction in corrugate
  • 25% increase in pallet count
  • 25% reduction in transportation costs

Container Lightweighting

Econolight Bottle Family

  • Replaced portion of gram weight with advanced geometry
  • Proven, patented technology
  • Stock jar re-design with 10-20% weight reductions
  • 57% Weight Savings across 4 sizes (Sizes 128 oz, 64 oz, 16 oz, 10 oz)

Customer Support

73oz Round to Square Jar Conversion

  • Increased pallet count from 288 to 432/pallet
  • 400 fewer trucks required on an annual basis