Pretium Values

Our daily decision-making and communications will support our core values by following these 10 commitments:

  1. Safety We will operate in a safe, clean and healthy environment.
  2. Commitments We will meet the commitments we make to our external and internal customers, peers and subordinates. (This is our measure of integrity)
  3. Communication We will communicate openly and honestly with all in a nonjudgmental and timely manner. (No surprises – bad news, as well as good)
  4. Quality We will never knowingly allow product to be shipped to a customer that does not meet their expectations.
  5. Delivery We will deliver the product or service promised to the customer on time and complete.
  6. Attitude We will maintain a positive attitude creating an uplifting business environment and treat all with dignity and respect.
  7. Opportunity We can each create opportunities for business and personal growth by generating new ideas and looking for ways to improve profit.
  8. Accountability We have been given responsibility by our customers, our managers, and other stakeholders; we are accountable to them all.
  9. Goals We will focus on achieving our individual and corporate goals, always prioritizing to ensure the success of our customers and our company, thereby guaranteeing individual success.
  10. Pride We will take personal pride in our work, our workplace and ourselves as well as in the success of our customers and Pretium Packaging.By achieving the above we will always meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, our company and ourselves.