Who We Are

At Pretium Packaging, it is our goal to provide our customers with the best and most innovative plastics packaging with the highest quality, lowest cost of use, and best service.

We hope to earn the opportunity to exceed your expectations.



We Focus on Outstanding Quality

We assure you of a quality product meeting or exceeding your expectations with well-controlled and stable processes that are consistent throughout all of our plants. We test and report on the results through stringent testing and quality inspections, from prototype development through production scale -up to consistent on-time delivery. We monitor for quality assurance throughout the molding process, applying computerized statistical process control (SPC) as well as manual sampling to optimize production efficiencies.

Our commitment to teamwork and our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to exceed your expectations by providing goods and services of the highest quality.

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We Deliver Superior Value

We have the expertise and capability to design, develop and manufacture unique or brand new bottle designs for most customer applications. As an example, we were the first to announce a 24oz Trigger Sprayer with a 5” label panel (as shown above) to the market. The larger label space allows customers to utilize more space for product branding messages.

Custom Bottle Program

Concept Generation

Container Design (CAD, 3D Review, Modeling, etc)

Complete Package Supply (Closures, Labeling, Decorating, etc)

Project Management

Unit Cavity/Market Test/Full Launch

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We Provide World-Class Service

We offer one of the most extensive libraries of stock bottles providing the ability to satisfy most customer requirements in an expedited time frame. We operate 11 manufacturing facilities with over 250 blow molding production lines to provide flexibility, quick response and capacity which can flexibly meet our customers changing needs.

Stock Bottle Program

Over 600 stock bottles

Includes PET, HDPE, PVC and PP

Sizes from 10cc to 12L

Samples available

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We Offer Exceptional Flexibility

We have selected our most popular bottles to be included in this very special offer that allows a minimum order quantity as low as one pallet. (All other stock bottle purchases are subject to a minimum order quantity).

Floor Stock Program = “One Pallet Minimum” Program

Lead times may apply

Same day shipment pending available inventory and transportation

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